The Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

Downham Estate Press Clippings

Ipswich Journal - Saturday 23rd May 1778

To be Sold by Action by Jonathan Gleed At the Bell Inn at Thetford, Norfolk on Wednesday the 3rd day of June next, at Twelve o'clock, the following Estates of Thomas Wright, Esq., dec.

The Manors of Downham alias Downham Newhill, alias Sharelowers and Downham Munckhall, Isworthland Mersies, alias Masies in Santon Donwham in Suffolk, the lands and tenements held of which have been since purchased or manumized by the lords.

Also a mansion, sashed, fronting south, with outhouses, gardens plantations, meadows, etc. by a late survey 24 a, 1 R 4 P with rights of fishing, swanning etc. on an navigable river from Thetford to Lynn, which waters the premises 2 miles, the whole north extent thereof.

Also Two Farms, chiefly warren, well stocked with rabbits, containing, by the like survey, 3134 Acres 3 Rods 38 Poles, let tythe free to John Gore and William Currey, at 503£ on leases which expire on the 5th April, 1781, when the rents may be greatly improved. The whole 3159 A 1 R 2 P all freehold (except a tenement wasted and 46 A copy-hold of one manor) comprising the whole parish of Santon Downham (except a small farm) near a turnpike road, about 80 miles from London, 4 from Thetford and 12 from Bury, and there are clay, read and white brick earth, marl, chalk and gravel thereon.

Also the Rectory impropriate of Downham which as the premises are enjoyed and let tythe free by the Impropriator, yields no profits.

The annual outgoings to a school, to the perpetual curacy of Downham, for synodals and quit-rents, are 50£.10s.9d. and the assessment to the land-tax is only 95£.

For further particulars (which are printed) apply to Messrs. Windus and Blofeld, Tooke's-court, Castle Yard, Holborn, London, at the house in Thetford, or to Mr. Gardiner Harwood, attorney at law, Norwich.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 20th March 1779

To be sold by auction, on the Premises, by Noah Bake On Thursday, the 25th instant, and the two following Days:

All the Farming, live and dead Stock, with the greatest part of the Household Furniture, Brewlag and Dairy Utensils and other Effect s, of the late Mr. H. John Gore, of Santon Downham, in the County of Suffolk, Farmer and Warrener, deceased, consisting of 24 fine Milch Cows and a Bull, partly of the poll'd kind two horses, two colts, sow and pigs, three other ditto, ten shots (??) four stanch Lurchers, eleven skips of Bees, a large Quantity of Rabbit traps, nets, snares, guns, pistols, swords and Staff, fishing boat and gunning ditto, exceeding good feather beds and bedding, tables and chairs, bureau and chests with drawers, pier and dressing glasses, a quantity of excellent pewter, a neat coal range to wind up, and other kitchen furniture, crewing copper, mash tub and other ditto, barrel, churn, lead and milk trays in good condition, with a variety of useful articles which will be expressed in the catalogues and timely dispersed in the Neighbourhood. The whole to be viewed each Morning preceding the sale.

Norfolk Chronicle - Saturday 5th July 1783

A Farm to Lett Arable and Heath Land, from Nine Hundred to One Thousand Acres at Santon Downham, Suffolk, within two Miles of Brandon, four from Thetford and twelve from Bury, and ten from Mildenhall, all capital Market Towns. Further particulars enquire of Mr. Derisley if Croxton near Thetford, Mr James Aves at Santon Downham will show the Premises.

Bury and Norwich Press - Wednesday 15th July 1807

Earl Spencer had hired Santon Downham, the seat of the late Earl Cadogan for a sporting resident.

Bury and Norwich Post 1809

To be let for a term of years and entered upon at Lady Day next, a farm in Santon Downham called the High Lodge, now in the occupation of Mrs Tyrrell Garner, consisting of a comfortable dwelling-house, a garden wait'd in, a good barn, stable. granary and outhouses and about 1200 acres of land, which have hitherto been used as a warren.

The stock of rabbits and crops of corn to be taken by the tenant at a fair valuation.

To be shown by Mr Webb at the Post Office, Brandon who will answer queries.

To be sold a few ash and arbell timber trees, three of large dimensions.

Cambridge Chronicle and Journal -Friday 22nd October 1819

Suffolk A Capital Tithe-free Farm Situation in Santon Downham

To be let and entered upon at Lady-day next, Twelve Hundred and Eighty-five acres of Warren and Pasture Lane with a suitable farm-house and other outbuildings. The Warren Land to be converted into Arable, under liberal covenants: also the Farm possesses peculiar local advantages of clay and marle.

For further particulars apply (if by letter post-paid) to Mr. A Moffatt, Downham Hall, near Brandon

Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 5 April 1820

Santon Downham Warren Farm near Brandon

Farming live and dead stock

Implements in Husbandry, dairy and brewing utensils

By John Rolfe

On Monday the 10th day of April, 1820 upon the premises

without reserve

The farming live and dead stock, implements in Husbandry, dairy and brewing utensils of Mr. John Wharf dec. of Santon Downham Warren Farm, comprising 6 handsome Suffolk cows, 2 with calves by their sides, handsome 4-year-old bull, useful bay mare rising 8 years, black horse rising 7 years, black mare ditto, 2 capital asses, quantity of poultry and 2 useful rabbit dogs, substantial road waggon, 2 broad-wheel tumbrils, road cart, donkey cart, ploughs, harrows, horse and swathe rakes, shack forks, hay and corn rakes, 2 large dog raps, 1 small ditto, 9 fox traps, 30 dozen rabbit traps,21 warren nets with stakes from 100 - 130 yards each, cart and plough harness nearly new, bushel and strike, fan, riddles and sundry barn implements, brewing copper, double leaded milk tray, barrel churn, stand and keeler, sweet iron-bound beer casks and sundry lots of furniture, which will be expressed in catalogues to be had in due time of the auctioneer and at the principal inns in the neighbourhood.

Sale to being at eleven o'clock.

Bury and Norwich Post 24 December 1823

For sale by private contract.

Very valuable estate situate between Thetford and Brandon in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk consisting of a large mansion ,with offices, gardens and orchard; about 5500 acres of arable, meadow and pasture land, 500 acres of wood and plantation, abundantly stocked with game; together with extensive fishery and manorial rights over the whole property.

Norwich Mercury - Saturday 21st May 1825

Suffolk and Norfolk

Between Brandon and Thetford

Extensive Freehold Estates

Capital Manors, Fishery, excellent Family Mansion with Officers, Gardens,

And also pleasure ground


Noble and Thriving Plantations, farms and lands, containing altogether nearly

Six Thousand Acres

With the fine navigable river Ouse flowing through the estate

To be sold by auction by Mr. R Robins (of Warwich House, Regent Street)

At Garraway's Coffee House, Change-alley, Cornhill, London, on Thursday 20th June 1825 at Twelve o'clock, in two lots.

The Downham Hall Estate, situate in the parishes of Downham and Stanton Downham, a noble freehold property, and comprising the whole of these two parishes.

Perpetual Advowson, and the valuable and productive Manors and Fishery, containing altogether

Nearly Six Thousand Acres

With the substantial and desirable Mansion of DOWNHAM HALL

With offices of all descriptions, in the most complete order, excelled walled gardens, green-houses etc., the Estate of the late Right Honourable the Earl Cadogan.

Sundry eligible Farms, with good farm-houses and all requisite agricultural buildings, let to most respectable tenants, whole leases are nearly expired.

Noble woods and fine thriving plantations dispersed over different parts of the Property. The fine navigable River Ouse flowing through the estate, which divides it between the two counties.

Also sundry valuable plots of land and cottages in the town of Brandon. Brick earth and lime in different parts of the estate.

The mansion and manors are in the occupation of the Earl of Shannon for a short term. May be viewed by tickets only. Particulars may be had of Mr. Moffatt, the Bailiff, at the Mansion who will show the premises; at the Chequers, Brandon and Bell, Thetford; Angle Norwich, Angel Bury St Edmunds, Rutland Arms, Newmarket, Bell Cambridge, White Hose Ipswich, of R E N Lee Esq., solicitor, Lincoln's Inn Fields, at Garraway's and of Mr. Robins, No. 179 Regent-street London, of whom tickets for viewing may be had, and where a plan of the Estate may be seen.

Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 12 September 1827

Arable and Flock Farm, Tithe Free

To Be Let with immediate possession.

A desirable Arable and Flock Farm known by the name of 'The Little Lodge Farm', situate at Santon Downham, Suffolk, consisting of

700 acres with a commodious Farm-House, Barn, Stables and all necessary appendages.

There is an excellent crop of turnips on the Farm and the winter corn is all sown and looking well. Further particulars may be known on application to Mr. Frederick Phillips, Santon Downham.

Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 2nd April 1828

Santon Downham, Suffolk

To Be Sold by Auction,

By Samuel Mills

On Monday next, April 7, under a distress for rent.

All the Farming stock, implements of husbandry and Household furniture of Mr. Moffatt, at Santon Downham, near Brandon, consisted of 5 useful cart horses and mares, chestnut riding mare, 6 years old; 2 milch cows, quantity of poultry, 70 sacks of potatoes, about a score of rye (dressed), and other grain, 4 Scotch carts, 4 harvest carts, a very neat new t… cart and harness, a doubt breasted land roll, drill machine. Burrell's dressing machine, Weir's chaff-cutter, 4 foot ploughs, 2 pairs of harrows, Finlayson's patent harrow, forks and rakes, bushel, sacks, ladders, cart and plough harness etc - A capital double-barrel gun and case. The Household furniture comprises neat bedsteads and hangings, featherbeds, mattresses, blankets, quilts, chests of drawers and bookcase, bureau, dining and other tables, set of mahogany chairs, looking glasses, china, glass and earthenware. 100 volumes of books; copper and tin ware, dairy and brewing utensils and numerous useful effects, described in Catalogues to be had at the neighbouring Inns and of the Auctioneer, Thetford. Sale to begin at 10.

Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 24 September 1828

Santon Downham

To be let

With partial possession immediately and full possession at Michaelmas next

All that desirable arable and flock farm known as the High Lodge Farm, situate in the parish of Santon Downham, and containing one thousand two hundred and thirty-nine acres, more or less. The farm buildings are nearly new, and are built on the most extensive and commodious plan. The farm-house has just undergone thorough repair, and is well adapted for the residence of a very respectable family. The farm is tithe-free, and parochial charges are very low.

For further particulars apply to Mr. F Phillps, Santon Downham, Suffolk

Huntington, Bedford and Peterborough Gazette - Saturday 21st March, 1829

Sporting Resident etc in Norfolk and Suffolk

To be let, from Lady Day, ready furnished, Downham Hall, the residence of the later Earl Cadogan, with about sixty-five acres of land (more is required) and the Manors extending over the whole estate, consisting of nearly six thousand acres, abundantly stocked with game, situate between market towns of Thetford and Brandon.

For particulars apply to Mr. Robins, surveyor, Warwich House, Regent Street, Mr. Lee solicitor, 43 Lincoln's Inn Fields or Mr. Phillips, Santon Downham.

Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 2nd September 1829

Capital Arable and Flock Farm

To be let at Michaelmas Next

A very desirable arable and flock farm known as the Little Lodge Farm, situate in the parish of Santon Downham, comprising upwards of 700 acres of arable, meadow and healthy sheep-walk. The premises are very commodious, parochial charges very low, and the whole of the farm is tithe free.

For further particulars inquire, if by letter, post paid, or personally, of Mr. Fred Phillips, Santon Downham, Suffolk

Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 1 September 1830

A capital Tithe-free farm at Santon Downham Suffolk, called the High Lodge Farm, comprising upwards of twelve hundred acres of arable, meadow and healthy sheep-walk.

For particulars inquire of Mr. Phillips, Santon Downham.

Also a Farm to be Let

At Santon Downham, Suffolk

Known as the Little Lodge Farm consisting of Seven Hundred Acres of Arable, Meadow, and healthy Sheep-Walk, wholly Tithe free. For particular and leave to view inquire of Mr. Phillips Santon Downham Suffolk, if by letter, post paid.

Bury Free Press 1831

Notice of a sheepwalk to let at High Lodge, 1000 acres carrying 30 to 40 score of sheep. Accomodation for a shepherd available. Enquiries at The Lodge House.

Huntington, Bedford and Peterborough Gazette - Saturday, 5th March 1831

Larch Poles for Sale To be sold by Auction by Saml Mills

On Thursday, March 10 at Santon Downham near Brandon.

A large quantity of very superior larch poles also a quantity of elm and scotch poles, the whole laying very near the Turnpike Road, and the greater part not more than a quarter of a mile from the Lynn Navigation. May be viewed at time previous to the Sale and Catalogues had the Chequers, Brandon, Bell, Thetford and Bury; of Mr. Phillips, Santon Downham, and of the Auctioneer, Thetford. Sale to commence punctually at Twelve o'clock, in the Square Plantation near the Hall.

Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 2nd September 1835

Larch Poles for Sale

To be sold by Auction by Wm Wells

On Thursday, September 10th at eleven o'clock at Santon Downham near Brandon about 8000 larch and spruce fir poles principally larch, in lots of one hundred each. Ma be viewed any day previous to the sale. The Sale will commence in Denton's Planation by the Lodge Gate, next to Brandon.

Norwich Mercury - Saturday 29th September 1838

At Little Lodge Farm, Santon Downham near Thetford,

To be sold by Auction

By Messrs. Biddell and Glencowe

On Monday October 8th 1838

The valuable Live and Dead Farming Stock. Flock of Sheep, Agricultural Horses, Implements, etc., of Mr. James Murton, leaving the above Farm at Michaelmas next Three miles from Brandon and Thetford Stations - Messors Newson and Sexton Are favoured with instructions from Mr Scott, who is leaving the farm, to sell by auction on Tuesday, October 2nd 1860 at eleven o'clock precisely, all the valuable Live and Dead Farming Stock and Agricultural Implements, consisting of: 14 capital young and active cart mares and geldings, 7 colts and fillies and 10 two-year-old steers, 424 capital black-faced ewes and 7 Leicester tups and a quantity of agricultural implements; Comprising 3 good waggons, 3 tumbrils, 6 wheel ploughs, 2 single ditto, 5 gangs of harrows, drill roll, Cambridgeshire patent ditto, and barley roll, 2 grass comes, horse-power chaff engine, Phillips' pulper and poppy exterminator, Northumberland turnip drill, shepherd's house, cart and plough harness, 30 dozen hurdles and a variety of hand tools and other effects. The horse are nearly all bred by the Proprietor, and are young, active, and with plenty of power. The black-faced ewes are large, well-bred, and the ages may be depended upon. The bullocks are healthy and have been on the farm a long time. The implements are nearly new and every hot is the genuine property of the Proprietor.

Bury Free Press - Saturday 30th September 1839

Santon Downham

Between Thetford and Brandon

Hawker and Witton are favoured with instructions from Mr. F B Jessett to Sell by Auction, at Thetford Lodge Farm Santon Downham on Saturday,

October 7th at 12 o'clock




Auctioneers' Offices: Thetford.

Bury and Norwich Post - Wednesday 9 May 1849

Turnip Seed

Giant Mangold Wurzel Seed

Mr. Phillips

Having seed a large quantity of that invaluable THE NORFOLK GREEN ROUND can supply orders at 18s per bushel, delivered at Bury, Thetford, Brandon.

This Turnip only requires to be known to be fully appreciated. The best Farmers in Norfolk, among others, the Messrs. Gayford, will so nothing else for their main crop. Its feeding qualities are first-rate. It is a heavy cropper, a long keeper, and possesses the valuable property of burying itself well in the soil, and so protects itself from severe weather. It has been found that, when the Norfolk White Loaf, or White Globe Turnips have been wholly destroyed by severe wind frosts, this Turnip has remained uninjured.

Mr. P has also on hand some of his GIANT MANGOLD WURZEL SEED at One Shilling per lb. The Hall Farm, Santon Downham, Brandon.

Bury Free Post 20 September 1879

On Thursday Next,

Thetford Lodge Farm, Santon Downham.

Two miles from Brandon and Four from Thetford.

Salter and Simpson are favoured with instructions from Mr. W H Jillings (who is giving up the occupation) to sell by auction on Thursday, September 25gh 1879, all the



11 Well-shaped, short-legged and active Cart Mares and Geldings

21 Grazing Steers and Heifers

120 Superior Brown-faced Shearing Wethers, forward in condition

89 Ewes, Shearling and Crones and

120 Brown-faced Lambs;

Together with the Agriculture Implements, comprising, light-running breasted road waggon, single breasted waggon, 2 harvest waggons, 4 tumbrils, iron water cart, 2 large iron troughs, chaff engine and horse works, corn drill, turnip cutter, Hornsby's reaping machine, Woods' grass mower, drag harrows, drag rake, Phillips' poppy extirpator, double iron ploughs, 3 gangs of harrows, harness, etc.

Bury and Norwich Post - Tuesday 25 September 1888

To be let, the Downham Little Lodge Farm, Santon Downham, Brandon (from next Michaelmas) consisting of about 405 acres arable, 195 acres heath, and 30 acres pasture with good house and premises. This occupation is especially recommended as a good sheep farm. The tenant to have the full right of killing the rabbits. To be let at a low rent. For full particulars, apply to John Johnson, agent, the Abbey, Thetford

Bury Free Post - Saturday, 12th September 1896

On Tuesday Next Thetford Lodge Farm, Downham Equidistant Three Miles from Thetford and Brandon.

Agricultural Sale of 14 Horses Comprising 12 clean=legged and active Cart Mares and Geldings, Black Hackney Mare and Brown Pony. 605 Sheep Including 387 Black-faced Ewes, 204 Black-faced Ewes and Wether Lambs, 3 two-shear Rams, and 11 Shearling Wethers.

6 Store Bullocks and 44 Pigs.

Salter, Simpson & Sons are favoured with instruction from Colonel E P Mackenzie to sell by Auction with reserve. On Tuesday, September 15th 1896.

Together with an assortment of Agricultural Carriages, Implements, Ploughs, Harrows, Threshing Drum, Straw Pitcher, Harness, etc. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock punctually.

Included by Permission

130 Black-faced Ewes,

6 Store Bullocks,

Cart mare, Black Nag Mare, & Brown Pony

The Property of Mr. H. Claxton

Bury Free Press - Saturday 18th April 1923

The need for the Forestry Commissions' great estate of 26,000 acres between Thetford and the Fens, and for others of a similar character, is indicated by the demand for timber in the various coalfields, says the 'Eastern Daily Press'. That South Wales alone absorbs 100,000 tons of pit-wood a month. This represents the felling of 1500 acres of trees every four weeks. Since trees are only useful for this purpose at an age of 30 years and upwards, it follows that to keep the South Wales coalfield supplied in perpetuity with timber 45,000 acres must be kept constantly productive. On the Breckland forest estate, of which the headquarters are at Santon Downham the bulk of the trees which have been planted are conifers, and travellers by rail between Thetford and Brandon can now see part of the new forest planted on Thetford Warren and Santon Downham Heath, on the Suffolk slopes of the Little Ouse valley. The land which has been acquired for the purpose of making the largest modern forest in England was, until the Commission too it over, almost wholly derelict. Since the afforestation operations were begun unemployment in the district has practically vanished, and a large body of men has been found working in planting, tending, cleaning and cutting trees.

Bury Free Post - January 1927

High Lodge Farm to let

Bury Free Press - 3 September 1932

Complaint of noise made by camp trainees late at night in Brandon

Bury Free Press - 10 September 1932

Editorial on Nuisance of trainees

Bury Free Press - 5 November 1932

First issue of 'The Quest' - Tin Town's Own Paper. The production of Mr Bertram Smith and camp trainees. Contribution from Camp Manager Mr C J Cromble Holme.

Bury Free Press - 24 December 1932

Second issue of High Lodge IC magazine 'The Quest' issued. Includes a copy of the camp anthem and a sketch of the camp.

Bury Free Press - 16 December 1933

Report on the Corduroy Battalion

Bury Free Press - 3 August 1935

Two High Lodge trainees, John Quinn and Joseph Uncles, were bound over for six months on a surety of £5 for stealing apples from an orchard on July 13th at Brandon

Bury Free Press - 23 April 1938

Men from GIC High Lodge attended a fire in young trees near the river and prevent the fire spreading to larger trees

Bury Free Press - 9th July 1938

High Lodge Training Centre cook, Samuel John Broome, bound over in a sum of £5 when he appeared on a charge of assaulting and beating Mary Helen Iris Austin on 5th June at Santon Downham. He also had to pay 15s 8d costs

Bury Free Press - 8 April 1939

Brandon branch of Toc H visited High Lodge Training Camp on Monday to spend a social evening with the men at the camp.

Bury Free Press - 17 June 1939

Report of a weather vane in the shape of a gardener with wheelbarrow and spade on one of the buildings at High Lodge Labour Camp

Bury Free Press Friday 16 April 1948

Rising in the heart of Breckland forest is this model village at Santon Downham where a mobile Labour Force is working to a promise to complete 30 new houses by the end of July. Occupants will be employees of the Forestry Commission, who will be allotted their new homes on a points system.

Bury Free Press - 8 April 1949

Andrzes Zackauk, forestry labourer living at High Lodge Camp

Bury Free Post - 1951

Wedding Notice Brenda Sayer and William Royal of High Lodge Farm

Bury Free Post - Friday 28 December 1951

Hostel Fire

A fire broke out at 3 a.m. on Monday in the cookhouse at High Lodge forestry workers hotel, Santon Downham.