The Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

High Lodge Heritage Trail

The Heritage Trail at High Lodge

Visitors try out the new trail Heritage Trail Map

This 4.2km all-ability trail, with short cuts at 1 km and 3 km, makes the forest and its heritage more accessible for everyone as it has a smooth surface suitable for buggies, mobility scooters and wheelchairs and benches and perches at 100m intervals.

Eight audio-listening tell the stories of the heritage features along the trail. Two shelters contain infornmation panels about the wildlife and timber production.

Please make sure you walk the trail when you're at High Lodge - some of the interpretation will change with the seasons - and enjoy the benefits of this National Lottery Heritage Fund funded project.

Work on the Trail June - September 2018

June 2018 - Temporary Waymarkers installed.

Supplied and installed by Forestry Commission High Lodge Staff as an in-kind contribution.

Temporary Sign
Temporary waymarker attached to temporary sign.
Temporary waymarker at second shortcut on the trail.

10 to 12 September - Benches and Perches Installation

Preparing timber in the yard
Perches ready to go
Perches prepared and ready to be installed
installing a bench - first dig two holes…
Bench testing
A bench is approved