The Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

The Historic Landscape of High Lodge

The trees of Thetford Forest hide and preserve the history of the landscape. The area around High Lodge has been used for burials and as a source of flint.

Many historic route ways once crossed the warren lands, but many are now only forestry rides or footpaths.

A map of the Historic Landscape
A map of the Historic Landscape

Burial Mounds

The burial mounds that have been identified in the High Lodge area are of the Round Barrow type and are circular mounds slightly raised above the surrounding land.

Flint Mines

From the neolithic period until the early 20th century, the high quality flint that can be found under High Lodge has been exploited for tools, weapons and as a building material.

Historic Trackways

The roads and paths through and around High Lodge have taken different routes through the ages. Research and field survey has helped us understand these changes.