The Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

Project Volunteers

The involvement of volunteers has been the most outstanding aspect of the project. Some were already members of FoTF or have become members and others were completely 'new' to High Lodge and Thetford Forest.

Volunteers Researching For Wildlife Records

They have attended forty-eight workshops, day schools and events and carried out research into the historic landscape and the wildlife of High Lodge.

The information they have gathered has contributed to the interpretation, the webpages and to the learning materials, with a group of especially dedicated volunteers writing the learning activities for both primary and secondary schools.

Overall, the volunteers have given an astonishing 4,326 hours to the project, which amounts to £30,900 of their time (calculated at £50.00 for a 7-hour day).

Forestry England staff have been involved too, with twelve recording the tracks for the audio-listening posts along the trail and up to eight others giving generously of their knowledge and expertise.

Anne Mason, Project Manager, pays tribute: I can't thank the volunteers and the staff enough for their enthusiasm, commitment and dedication. They have made this project very special for me.

The following volunteers researched and provided much of the information contained on these webpages. Their contribution to the project has been outstanding.

  • John Bowes
  • Janet Bowes
  • Tim Bridge
  • Jacqui Cameron
  • Andy Carter
  • Bob Greef
  • Julia Grover
  • Tony Grover
  • Christine Lang
  • Colin Lang
  • Sue Pennell
  • Imogen Radford
  • John Rayment
  • Clive Scott
  • Mark Tweedie
  • Genevieve Wilson