The Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

Project Activities Q3 2018

Below are selected images from project activities run during Q3 2018 as part of the history & heritage of the High Lodge site project by the Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF).

9 July 2018 - Visit to try out the Trail by the Forest Heath Disability Forum

The start of the trail
Setting out at the start of the trail.

11 July 2018 - Butterflies and Day-Flying Moths Identification Workshop

learning hoe to identify butterfleis
Instruction in the key identification features and use of charts.
Learning about the micro-habitats preferred by different species.
Small Copper
Small Copper on stitchwort.
Meadow Brown
Meadow Brown on Ragwort.

13 July 2018 - Guided Walk along the Trail for Friends of Thetford Forest and Forestry Commission Staff.

Setting out
Setting out to walk the trail.
Walking the trail
Only four members of the group had previously been on the trail.
Watching wildlife
Interest in the wildlife from younger members.
Picnic time
The picnic outside Oak Lodge after the walk.

17 July 2018 - Drawing and Painting in the Forest

The tutor
Tutor Stuart Green demonstrates techniques.
Making a start
The beginning of a painting.
Painting indoors
After the morning session outdoors, some choose to paint inside.
 Piantin outdoors
Others worked outdoors and this painting was generally regarded as most evocative of the forest.
Idyllic Workshop
This has to be the most idyllic of all the workshops.

27 July 2018 - Guided Walk along the Trail for the Forestry Commission Retirement Association.

Everyone is briefed
Members of the FC Retirement Association receiving their briefing.
Striding out
Striding out along the trail
The 2nd shortcut
At the second shortcut - though everyone continued.
The Trail met with approval from everyone.
The Trail met with approval from everyone.

25 August 2018 - Making Cordage and Nets for Warrening Ref

Making cord
Making cordage from harvested nettle fibres.
starting a purse net
Beginning the process of making a purse net.
The purse net takes shape
The purse net takes shape
Completed nets
Proudly displayed the completed purse nets.

The Community Bus - journeys from Thetford and Brandon to High Lodge for families with no transport of their own

The Community Bus
Community Bus awaiting its passengers.

22, 29 & 30 August and 12 September - 2018 Producing Interpretation for the Project.

Learning interpretation techniques
First session 22 August which involved training in interpretation techniques and skills.
Practicising new skills
First session 22 August which involved training in interpretation techniques and skills.

8 September 2018 - Heritage Day

Archaeology in a sand pit
The Archaeology Sand Pit.
Combining shards
Putting together broken pottery.
East Norfolk Militia
The East Norfolk Militia explaining their presence.
Engaging with Visitors
Engaging with Visitors.
Explaining how ferrets are used in warrening.
Flint knapping
Watching flints being knapped.
Stamp Quiz
The Stamp Quiz.
The farmhouse dig
Archaeology in Action - more investigation at the farmhouse site.

Extra Activities not included in the Action Plan but added to the Project as a result of demand and support by the Volunteers and Friends of Thetford Forest.

29 June and 1 July 2018 - Surface Investigation at Horseshoe Pit

loooking for artefacts
Examining exposed soils around tree roots for artefacts.
Worked flint
Worked flints found and marked for recording.
Investigating the inner bank
The inner bank and ditch around the natural spring were investigated too.
A hammer stone?
A possible Neolithic hammer stone found embedded in the bank.

1 July 2018 - Finds Processing

Processing finds
Processing Finds
The finds sorted and bagged
Finds from the Farmhouse and Horseshoe Pit sorted and bagged.

31 July 2018 - Family Archaeology Day

Starting classification
Beginning to sort and classify artefacts.
Sorting artefact
Identifying and ordering artefacts in terms of their date.
Learing some Latin
Learning the Latin names for the Legionary's equipment.
Fully equipped
Fully equipped as a Roman Legionary.