The Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

Project Activities Q4 2017

Below are selected images from project activities run during Q4 2017 as part of the history & heritage of the High Lodge site project by the Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF).

9 October 2017 - How to access and use historic documents, Norfolk Record Office

Viewing Documents
Viewing Documents in the Green Room
A selection of relevant documents
All Documents were relevant to the historic landscape of Thetford Forest
Conservation of documents
Seeing conservation of documents in action.
Conservator Nick Astley
Conservator Nick Astley explains how documents are repaired and conserved.

Wed 18 October 2017 - How to use the Norfolk and Suffolk Historic Environment Records

Explaining how the HERS came about
Explaining how the HERS came about; what they contain and how to use them.
Heather Hamilton
Heather Hamilton, NHER, discussing the resources for Thetford Forest.
Volunteers looking at documents
Looking at the range of information provided by the HERs.
Volunteers discussing source material
Considering the sources from the HERs for High Lodge and Santon.

Wed 8 November 2017 - Diversity and Equality: Meeting the Needs of All Visitors

Learning sign language
'Sensing Change' leads on teaching sign language.
Volunteers blindfolded or wearing ear defenders
Experiencing the 'world' of those who are sight and hearing impaired.
A learning session
The Suffolk Coalition of the Disabled leading the afternoon session.
Lipreading practice
Workshop Participants trying to lipread.

Tues 14 November 2017 - How to interpret aerial photographs and LIDAR Images

Rachel Riley
Rachel Riley, FC's Conservation and Heritage Officer, helping to interpret the LIDAR and aerial photographs.
Identifying landscape features on maps and aerial photographs
Identifying the same landscape features on maps and aerial photographs.
Using a stereo viewer
Viewing images in 3D
A group discussion
Engrossed in discussions with half of the group attending the workshop.

Wed 6 December 2017 - How to care for earthwork sites

Safe use of tools
Learning how to use and care for tools properly and safely.
Practical work
Theory into practice: caring for the earthwork warren banks.
Pruning a shrub
Pruning correctly to minimise damage to the earthwork under vegetation.
Felling a tree
Having learnt how to tie a bowline, a volunteer uses it to fell a sapling tree.

Tues 12 December 2017 - How to research archives for wildlife records

A volunteer considering what to research
A volunteer considering what to reserach.
Using WiFi
Trying out online research using the wifi at the Forestry Commission District Office.
Exploring the Duleep Singh Colletion
Exploring the Duleep Singh Colletion, Thetford Library.