The Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

Project Activities Q4 2018

Below are selected images from project activities run during Q4 2018 as part of the history & heritage of the High Lodge site project by the Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF).

3 October 2018 - Deer in the Forest Workshop

Deer species identification
Wildlife Ranger Tom Parr explains deer species identification.
Antlers and hides
Antlers and hides of the deer species in Thetford Forest.
Specially adapted van
Wildlife Ranger Paul Mason explains how the vans are especially adapted for deer management.
Silas Hetherington
Silas Hetherington explains the hygiene regulations for venison to enter the food chain.
The deer larder
Wildlife Ranger Silas Hetherington explains how the deer larder operates.
Roe deer at a distance
Each of the six Wildlife Rangers took a group of participants into the Forest - this group saw a roe deer at a distance.
Buck and his does
This group was very fortunate to find a buck and his does grazing close by

6 October - 2018 Living off the Land

Ray Chin
Ray Chin explains what participants can expect from the workshop.
Examining a pot of herbs
Examining a pot of herbs.
Identifying edible plants
Learning to identify which plants are edible.
Rabbit skinning
Demonstrating how to skin a rabbit.
Cooking a rabbit
Demonstrating how to prepare a rabbit for cooking.
Tasting the results
Gathering round to taste the results.

20 October 2018 - Discovering the High Lodge Railway

Examining archival documents
Participants examine archival documents and maps to look for evidence of the World War 1 railway.
Exploring the landscape
Using the evidence from the indoor session to explore the landscape.
Santon Downham Bridge
The narrow gauge railway used this bridge but the volunteers discovered it was constructed in 1868, so predates the railway.
A possible route of the railway
The possible route of the railway was walked from Santon Downham to High Lodge.

4 November 2018 - Photographing the Forest

A practical session
The first practical outdoor session.
Justin Minns
Justin Minns (with rucksack) giving instruction on the heritage trail.
Close-up photography
A bench on the heritage trail proves to be ideal for learning about close-up photography.
Practicing skills
Participants putting into practice the skills they have learnt during the workshop.

10 November - 2018 Historic Parkland Workshop

Bob Greef
Bob Greef giving a presentation about how to identify historic parkland features in the landscape.
Discussing evidence from archival documents
Discussing evidence from archival documents and historic maps for parkland survival.
Downham Estate's walled kitchen garden
Forestry Englands storage compound was the Downham Estate's walled kitchen garden - with the gardener's cottage in the background.
The site of the HaHa
The participants were invited into a garden on the site of the former hall - and found the ha ha where the end of the garden joins the pastureland.
Santon Downham Church
The workshop ended at Santon Downham Church, with its memorials to those who owned the historic parkland.
The tower base at St Mary's
Carved around the base of the tower are the initials of those who donated money for its construction between 1460 and 1500 - their names a direct link to our heritage.

16 November - Visit by Saffron Walden High School

GCSE students from Saffron Walden County High found the trail thoroughly useful in deepening their understanding on the Human Impact on ecosystems. We were at Thetford forest to carry out Field Work in Sampling species and comparing different types of woodland. The trail that we followed allowed us to clearly see the contrasting different types of woodland and also to clearly see the different abiotic conditions that occurred as a result of different forestry methods. The additional context, on the archaeological and historical context of the area that Anne was able to provide was also invaluable as this enabled students to appreciate the differences that humans can have on the ecosystem.

Students on the heritage trail
The students on the heritage trail, looking at the tree species and ages of trees around them.

Extra Activities not included in the Action Plan but added to the Project as a result of demand and support by the Volunteers and by Friends of Thetford Forest.

27 October and 17 November 2018 Farmhouse Investigation

More progress at the farmhouse site
Making more progress at the farmhouse site, using the skills learnt from SACIC.
medieval dressed stone
The first evidence that there was a medieval building in the vicinity – this is a block of medieval dressed stone.
A low floor surface
A floor layer is revealed about one metre below the surface.

1 December - 2018 Investigation and Washing and Processing Finds.

Washing and sorting finds
Washing and sorting the finds from the farmhouse site.

4 December - Visit to Suffolk County Council Archaeology Department, Bury St Edmunds.

At the arcaeology department
Gaining an insight in dealing with archaeological finds.