The Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

Poaching at the Rabbit Warren of High Lodge

Throughout the productive years of the warren, the warrener had to protect the warren and its rabbits from poachers. Many allegations of poaching were reported in the local papers - a selecttion of these reports are summarised here.

Reports of Poaching
Newspaper & Date Report
Bury Free Post 3-Jan-1862 trespass on a plantation on the estate of Lord William Powlett, at Santon Downham.
Bury and Norwich Post 17-Mar-1863 Poaching on certain lands in Santon Downham, the property of Lord Wm. Powlett. R Marsh was noted as the keeper.
Bury and Norwich Post 31-Mar-1863 Trespassing on certain lands, belonging to Lord W Powlett, at Downham. R Marsh was noted as the keeper.
Bury and Norwich Post 6-Oct-1863 Stealing a Rabbit off the property of William Mitchell at Santon Downham. William Clements was noted as the warrener.
Norfolk News 8-Aug-1868 Killing and taking a hare from the property of her Grace the Dowager Duchess of Cleveland at Santon Downham. George Lloyd, gamekeeper John Lewis, underkeeper. The Duke of Cleveland was Harry George Powlett.
Bury Free Press 6-Apr-1872 Poaching on land k/a the Square in the occupation of Mr. Mackenzie, at Santon Downham. David Julian was under-keeper, head-keeper, Mr. Lloyd
Bury and Norwich Post 10-Feb-1874 charged with trespassing on land belonging to E P Mackenzie Esq., Santon Downham, in pursuit of game. Jno. Crask, keeper.
Bury and Norwich Post 15-Jun-1875 Farm to Let. The Little Lodge Farm situated in the parish of SANTON DOWNHAM near Brandon, The Tenant will have a joint right of killing the rabbits and of coursing.
Bury and Norwich Post 21-Jan-1879 Trespassing in search of game upon ground in the occupation of William Jillings, at Santon Downham. William Crowther, gamekeeper.
Thetford and Watton Times and People's Weekly 9-Oct-1884 Poaching on the Mundford Road. F Loveday warrener to W Mckenzie is mentioned.
Bury Free Press 7-May-1881 Poaching at Santon Downham. William Crowther gamekeeper to EP MacKenzie is mentioned. Also George Grass head keeper to EP Mackenzie.
Thetford and Watton Times and People's Weekly. 14-Apr-1883 Poaching on property of E P Mackenzie Esq . George Grass, gamekeeper Wm Crowther under gamekeeper to E P Mackenzie Esq., of Santon Downham.
Bury and Norwich Post 18-Jul-1892 Assault. Colonel Mackenzie and Richard Dickerson, warrener, of Downham is mentioned.